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Recently acquired by L.B. Foster's subsidiary, CXT, Inc.®, VanhooseCo is a precast concrete manufacturer with a knack for innovation and a unique approach to the long-standing concrete industry.  

Founded in 2013, VanHooseCo has a decade of experience in developing intellectual property supporting precast products for drainage and construction. They have reinvented the way these traditional products are both produced and installed. Strict attention to market demands has led to a diverse range of products including EnviroCast® and EnviroKeeper®.  

EnviroCast® is a structural wall panel used for both subgrade and above grade residential and commercial construction including built-in insulation and steel studs. EnviroKeeper® is a fresh approach to managing underground water that can be used to detain and store water, retain, and discharge water, and even filter and recharge the groundwater. These precast products, as well as many others, combined with excellent customer service, have established VanHooseCo with a stellar reputation in the world of concrete. 

The acquisition of VanHooseCo expands L.B. Foster’s addressable market to include commercial and residential developers, as well as state and local agencies in Tennessee and surrounding states. It provides a platform for further investment and organic growth in the expanding precast concrete infrastructure market. 

The full press release for the acquisition of VanHooseCo is available on the L.B. Foster Investor Relations website.     

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