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L.B. Foster & FUCHS Lubricants Co.

Together, L.B. Foster and FUCHS Lubricants Co. provide the widest available, market-leading portfolio of lubricant products and services for trackside lubrication worldwide.

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L.B. Foster's strategic partnership with FUCHS Lubricants Co. unites L.B. Foster's renowned expertise in the development of railroad friction management technologies with FUCHS' world-class lubricant manufacturing capabilities.

L.B. Foster delivers the largest portfolio of friction management experts, technology, and services that take a holistic approach to solving wheel/rail friction challenges to optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve safety. L.B. Foster pushes innovation in friction management lubricant products with their pioneered Total Friction Management trackside and on-board solutions.  

FUCHS Lubricants Co. is the leading independent supplier of lubricants, distributing more than 10,000 lubricants and related services. It is a global company that serves a multitude of industries with innovative and custom-made solutions, outstanding technical expertise, global customer orientation, and a sustainable and responsible attitude.  

L.B. Foster’s wheel/rail engineering and friction management competency combined with FUCHS’ lubricant production qualifications is a partnership that brings similar core values, expert people, a best-in-class support mentality, and a shared vision to advance innovation to the global markets. The partnership focuses on solutions to keep industries moving efficiently and sustainably, not on products. 

Through the partnership, rail industry customers can purchase all their lubrication solutions and services from a single dedicated source. L.B. Foster and FUCHS’ co-branded greases will be available to customers in international growth regions while still supporting increasing demands in North America.   

L.B. Foster and FUCHS’ partnership is driving innovation in friction management lubrication solutions to provide our customers with considerable savings through wheel and wear reduction, increased operational efficiencies, and improved safety.  

Gauge Face Greases



  • Our gauge face grease portfolio starts with SYNCURVE®, an exceedingly durable all-season rail curve lubricant giving the customer flexibility of either employing a lower application rate for existing spaced lubricators (up to 50% lower) or increasing lubricator spacing using current application rates. SYNCURVE provides excellent protection in the wheel flange/gauge face interface and is ultimately biodegradable. 


  •  A cost-effective all-season petroleum grease that meets adhesion, pumpability and load-carrying requirements at all operating temperatures. ALLCURVE eliminates the need to inventory both summer and winter grades as part of your gauge face lubrication program. 


  • A premium quality readily biodegradable rail curve grease formulated with vegetable oils. BIOCURVE LB2 has exceptional product stability and a lower propensity for bar clogging compared to other biodegradable greases.  This product is recommended for locations requiring the highest level of biodegradability, such as near waterways or other environmentally sensitive areas. BIOCURVE LB2 is an all-season product suitable for year-round use in all climates. 


  • A highly durable rail curve grease that has extended carry distances and excellent wear protection. DURACURVE has been formulated to optimize the pumpability, adhesion and water resistance required in the wheel/rail environment. DURACURVE PRO is currently available in a summer grade. 


  • A grease specifically designed to provide good wear protection, weather resistance, and effective carry-down at an economical cost. DURACURVE CE is currently available in a summer grade. 

Transit Gauge Face Grease

MC-5 gauge face grease applicator bar.


  • Provides industry leading protection in the wheel flange/gauge face interface and is uniquely suited to the transit environment. As an exceedingly durable all-season rail curve lubricant, customers can substantially lower application rates (up to 50% lower) while maintaining excellent gauge face coverage in comparison to traditional rail curve greases. 




  • An exceedingly durable oil-based, all-season TOR lubricant which provides excellent protection in the wheel/rail interface. INFINITRACK has been proven to carry for over 8 miles under heavy haul conditions. Developed for territories without significant grades, INFINITRACK can help significantly reduce the cost of a Friction Management program while delivering all of the benefits. 

Switch Plate Lubricant


SWITCH Lubricant 

  • A premium quality, clean, synthetic lubricant that can be easily applied manually or using spray equipment. Switch Lubricant has been formulated to have excellent low temperature properties and can be used in all seasons. The oil-based product is water insoluble and will not be washed away by rain or melting snow.

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