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Trackside Top of Rail Friction Management

L.B. Foster has leveraged their wheel / rail interface expertise to develop a full portfolio of top of rail (TOR) friction modifiers and application systems specifically for the rail environment.


Innovation and integrity are core values at L.B. Foster. We combine our state-of-the-art wheel/rail interface testing facility with rigorous scientific analysis and on-track field testing to bring you the next generation of TOR products.

This pursuit of excellence highlights our core objective of providing our customers with the world’s most advanced friction management products that will consistently and reliably protect the wheel / rail interface.

Recognized globally as the experts in railroad friction management, we continue to develop innovative products that:

  • Reduce rail and wheel wear

  • Maintain a controlled intermediate friction level that does not affect vehicle braking or traction

  • Reduce noise and short-pitch corrugations for passenger rail

  • Reduce lateral forces

  • Reduce derailment potential

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Reduce Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) development

KELTRACK® Water-Based Friction Modifiers

KELTRACK ER Plus and KELTRACK Transit EX are premium, all-season, TOR friction modifiers with extended carry-down capabilities for use in the freight and transit rail environments, respectively. With these innovative products, L.B. Foster took our world leading KELTRACK friction modifier technology and developed enhanced formulations that provide increased coverage at all operating temperatures while continuing to provide excellent protection in the wheel / rail interface. KELTRACK ER Plus and KELTRACK Transit EX have been designed to have enhanced film durability, improved corrosion resistance, and an exceptionally low freezing point.  

All KELTRACK friction modifiers are water-based and contain no oil. They provide railroads a controlled intermediate friction level which does not affect vehicle braking or traction. On top of what is showcased above, we offer our legacy KELTRACK ER and KELTRACK Trackside Transit friction modifier products that are for use in heavy haul and passenger rail environments, respectively. 


INFINITRACK® Top Of Rail Lubricant

INFINITRACK® is an exceedingly durable oil-based, all-season TOR lubricant which provides excellent protection in the wheel / rail interface. INFINITRACK has been proven to carry for over 8 miles under heavy haul conditions.  

Developed for territories without significant grades, INFINITRACK can help significantly reduce the cost of a Friction Management program while delivering all of the benefits. 

PROTECTOR® Application Systems

Our next generation PROTECTOR X trackside friction management systems include heavily sloped product compartment with the industry’s lowest cavitation levels and true first-in, first-out product utilization. These new systems allow for longer intervals between tank refills, easier product transitions between seasons, and less track access time required for maintenance. 

Combined with our TOR Foam application bars and our next generation Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM), the PROTECTOR system is the most advanced friction management system available in the world. 
Built on over 40 years of in-service experience and continuous technological innovation, L.B. Foster PROTECTOR systems are known to be: 

  1. Exceedingly reliable 

  2. Easy to maintain 

  3. Consistent and precise in their application rate. Our innovative control system uses proprietary compensation algorithms to seamlessly adapt to changing operating conditions and consistently outputs the correct amount of grease. 

Our TOR FM product portfolio 

Whatever your Top of Rail Friction Management challenge, we can help. On top of the products showcased above, we offer: 

  • Our legacy PROTECTOR IV electric application systems 

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