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Feed Bunks

The worry-free choice for feeding livestock.

Precast Concrete Feed Bunks.

The durability of precast concrete feed bunks provides lower annual cost than other materials. Our long-lasting concrete construction ensures many years of cost-effective operation.

  • Long lasting
    The long life of precast concrete feed bunks provides lower annual cost than other materials. Whether you choose the centerline or fenceline bunk, our durable concrete construction ensures many years of cost-effective operation.

  • Exceptionally durable
    Even in adverse climates, our steel-reinforced precast concrete (5000 PSI) will provide many years of service without decaying, rotting or rusting. Our feed bunks are factory-built to rigorous specifications so you can be assured of the finest quality.

  • Protects livestock from injury
    Our precast bunk features smooth, rounded corners and edges, and a hard-finished surface that reduces the possibility of injury to your livestock.

  • Thorough feed cleanup
    The bunk’s all-contour design and finished surface allows livestock to feed with minimal effort, ensuring healthier, more productive animals. Reduced spoilage and easy cleanup provide savings in time, labor, and money.

  • Greater overall efficiency
    The modern feeding techniques and long life provided by our maintenance-free concrete bunk design can help eliminate additional labor and upkeep.

  • Movable
    Installation requirements are minimal allowing you to move the concrete bunk to suit your feeding needs. Whether you relocate or expand, you can continue to use the bunk to feed your livestock with efficiency, convenience, and economically.

Centerline (H) Feed Bunk: 8’ length, 5’ width, 2’ 3¼” height, end plate

Fenceline (J) Feed Bunk: 8’ length, 2’ 1¼” width, 2’ 6” back height, 1” 1¾” front height, end plate

CXT Fenceline Feed Bunk.
CXT Centerline Feed Bunk.

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