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Crossing Panels

Our innovative level crossing systems provide safe and unimpeded driving and walking wherever road and rail cross.

Made to a standard length of 1800mm, the solid rubber panels are hard wearing and reliable under a variety of traffic load and climate conditions and can be quickly installed or removed to allow for effective maintenance work and reduced track possession times. 

Product Offering

We offer 3 systems:  

• Baseplate System – for Pedestrian Crossing. Panel lengths of 1800mm (ties dependant @ 600mm centres)  

• LINK System – for Road Crossings. Panel lengths of 1800mm (ties dependant @ 600mm centres)  

• Interlocking System – for Track Access (TAP/RRAP) Crossings . Panel lengths of 1800mm (ties independent of 600mm centres) 

We have 2 different grades of Rubber:  

• JV = Pedestrian / Occupational / Normal – For Pedestrian / Low use crossings / Track Access TAP / RRAP) Crossings  

• TC = Extreme – For Medium to Heavy Duty Crossing 

We recommend the following panel to bitumen interfaces (Edge Beams) for the different uses:  

• Plastic Edge Beams – for Pedestrian or Temporary TAP / RRAP  

• Steel Edge Beams – for Permanent TAP / RRAP and Light to Medium Duty Road use  

• Rubber Edge Beams – for Road Crossings  

We have the following connections to prevent longitudinal travel of the crossing:  

• Baseplate System – Winged Baseplates, simply sit over the Ties every 3 panels  

• LINK System – End Restraints  

• Interlocking System – Movement Restrictors 

  • Rosehill Rail panels are insulated against electrical impedance to prevent track circuit barrier failure.  

  • Rosehill Rail panels absorb and reduce shock loading to the rail bed.  

  • Rosehill Rail panels are accredited by many international rail networks.  

  • Rosehill Rail panels maintain their skid resistance for the life of the crossing.  

  • Rosehill Rail panels can be installed quicker than other systems up to 14.4 track metres per hour reducing track closure downtime.  

  • The Rosehill Rail system does not require that the panels be fastened to sleepers, avoiding damage to pre-tensioned wires in concrete sleepers and water penetration in timber.  

  • Unlike other systems Rosehill Rail panels can be individually removed for inspection or track repairs without dismantling the entire crossing. Once again a very quick solution  

  • Rosehill Rail panels are resistant to extreme temperatures.  

  • The production of Rosehill Rail panels over others is very energy efficient using a cold curing process allowing production of up to 6 panels per hour. Reducing considerably the CO2 emissions. Other systems use a lot of heat to cure and can take up to 20 hours.  

  • Rosehill Rail panels are extremely environmentally friendly by the use of recycled rubber.  

  • The Rosehill Rail system is bespoke and can be manufactured for installation for all combinations of rail environment environments irrelevant of the Sleeper type, Fastener type and Rail Type. 


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