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Concrete Cattle Guard

Our precast concrete cattle guard is designed for agricultural use, offering maintenance-free reliability and the ability to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions. It's the worry-free choice for securing livestock.

CXT Precast Concrete Cattle Guard.

Our concrete cattle guard is engineered to the highest standards to ensure maximum durability and efficiency for your agricultural needs.

With a width of 14 feet and a cross width of 6 feet 6 inches, and a depth of 12 inches, it's designed to accommodate various types of vehicles and equipment. Weighing in at 6500 pounds, this cattle guard features 3-inch wide rails with 5-inch spacing, providing a robust barrier for livestock.

Cattle Guard Datasheets & Drawings

The structure is reinforced with steel rods, available in regular (½-inch), heavy-duty (5/8-inch), and bridge (½-inch and 1-inch) guard specifications, to suit different load-bearing requirements and ensure longevity. This precise design ensures that our cattle guard meets your specific operational demands while offering a maintenance-free solution.

Our precast concrete cattle guard will save a lifetime of opening and closing gates and your livestock will always be secure and controlled.

Maintenance-Free Concrete Cattle Guards

Constructed from steel-reinforced precast concrete, our cattle guard solutions are built to last. Our cattle guard is guaranteed to withstand many years of heavy farm machinery and severe weather.

Ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. Unlike metal alternatives, our concrete cattle guards are impervious to rust, providing a dependable long lasting solution.

Construction Features

  • Built in footers. No additional footers or foundations required.

  • Rounded rail tops. More efficient cattle barrier than flat topped guards.

  • Cut-a-way rails on bottom side. Makes for better drainage as well as easier and less frequent cleaning.

  • Durable construction. Standard guard built to withstand constant use by tractors and legal highway weight trucks.

Quick and Easy Installation

Since no footings or foundation are necessary, our cattle guard can be installed and functioning in just 2-4 hours. We will deliver the single, precast unit and set it in place.

Safety and Operational Efficiency

Optimize the flow of traffic on your farm without compromising the safety of your livestock. Our cattle guard eliminates the need for manual gates, allowing for seamless vehicle access while securely containing animals within designated areas. This enhancement not only improves safety by reducing the risk of livestock escaping onto roadways but also boosts efficiency by cutting down on the time spent opening and closing gates.

Cattle Guards for Sale

Order your cattle guard and enjoy prompt delivery and installation. Our ample inventory ensures you will have the product when needed. Available today from our considerable inventory.

Proven Effectiveness on Farms

Over the past 25 years, our cattle guard has been delivering protection and convenience to farmers. Safe design features include rounded rails and built-in footings; while special underside cutaway construction allows for more thorough drainage and easier, less frequent cleaning.

Invest in a concrete cattle guard from L.B. Foster to secure a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your agricultural needs. Enhance the productivity and safety of your operations with a product that's designed to meet the challenges of modern farming.

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