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L.B. Foster's subsidiary, CXT® Inc.'s Nampa, Idaho plant recently manufactured its first five section building. 

In November 2022, L.B. Foster subsidiary, CXT® Inc.'s Nampa, Idaho, precast concrete plant manufactured its first five section building. This building was delivered and installed at an incredibly challenging site. 

Brian Hall, Commercial Operations Manager, and his team handled the project management, logistics, and installation. Hall explained, “Shipping and installing multi-sectional buildings requires concise planning and scheduling to ensure all sections arrive at the prescribed time. This allows placement of each section in the proper sequence depending on the site layout.” 

For this project, specialized hydraulic dollies were used to transport the building sections a few hundred feet up a steep access road. Hall commented, “Once staged, the sections were picked up and placed on the prepared pad with a rough terrain crane. After all sections were set in place, they were post tensioned to form the complete building.” 

The building consisted of three restroom sections and two concession sections. After placing the sections, the completion work began. Hall continued, “The finish work consisted of caulking, painting, and connecting the utilities between sections. The building was connected to the pad utilities, we conducted a startup procedure, and the building was opened for use by the public.” 

This was the second multi-sectional building delivered and installed for this customer in the month of November. Multi-sectional buildings allow the customer to personalize based on their needs and project requirements. Hall said, “Multi-sectional buildings allow for a wide variety of configurations and sizing for shipment throughout the United States and Canada.”  

To learn more about our concrete buildings, visit CXT Concrete Buildings.  

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