L.B. Foster Field Services Director Jim Tanner was recently recognized for his support of hiring Coast Guard Reservists to the Friction Management Field Service team. A representative from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), Jack McMahon, recently visited L.B. Foster’s Pittsburgh headquarters to present the Patriot Award to Tanner.

The Patriot Award recognizes managers nominated by a Guardsman or Reservist employee for support provided directly to the nominator. “I’ve been on active duty over the past two summers and Jim has always been incredibly supportive,” comments Sr. Field Services Sales Representative, Brian Royak. L.B. Foster has several Coast Guard Reservists that work in Field Services including Field Service Technician’s Ben Johnson and Troy Gonzaga. Royak went on to say, “I feel honored to nominate him for this important award.”

Coast Guard Reserves work side-by-side with full-time enlisted Coast Guardsmen. The Reserves work two days a month, as well as two weeks a year at a base close to where they live. They are often called up for active duty operations when the needs of the service call for it.

“We understand the unique talents and skill each of our Reserve Service members possess and are honored to have them on our team.  In addition to their full-time jobs, which often require long hours away from home, they also add a part-time reserve position on top of it, all because they want to help others,” comments Tanner.
The United States Coast Guard is an essential part of the United States Armed Forces, and we at L.B. Foster want to say thank you for your service and all that you do to keep us safe.

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