Total Track Monitoring

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Rail technical sales engineers William Becker and Jacob Capra recently co-presented L.B. Foster’s Total Track Monitoring Suite as part of a digital demo expo hosted by Progressive Railroading, a leading North American Rail publication. They each covered details on Rockfall Monitoring, the Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) products, Flood Monitoring, and Bridge Strike Monitoring.

Rockfall Monitoring by L.B. Foster is a revolutionary system that actively monitors the right of way and protects rolling stock in rockfall prone areas. With the system, if a rock of sufficient size to pose a threat to a train is detected on the track, LIDAR technology remotely alerts controllers about the size and location of the obstruction, without an engineer ever needing to visit site and re-string a wire detector.

The L.B. Foster Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) is widely used to detect and alarm on excessive wheel impacts for the targeted removal of defective wheels. An essential component of any performance-based wheel management program, the WILD continually monitors rail vehicle wheel health to ensure safe and productive train operations.

Our Flood Monitoring solution is a wireless monitoring system that detects high water levels and hazardous conditions in flood prone areas. The Inline Flood Pole precisely measures water depth down to the inch, providing the ability to preset alarms at various depths. Once activated, optional solar-powered cameras can be triggered to photograph the alarming area. Emails containing this image along with depth information are sent, alongside a real time updating web portal, initiating a customer emergency response.

Our Bridge Strike Monitoring system is in use with HD CCTV cameras to display on demand both leading edge bridge damage, under beam damage to rivet detail and view a mechanical ‘tell-tale’ which indicates deck displacement.

With technology that can notify an operator of hazardous operating conditions and reduce risk before it materializes, Total Track Monitoring protects assets, reduces operating costs, and preserves railroad reputation.

Watch the demo of all Total Track Monitoring solutions below. 

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