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L.B. Foster Congratulates Phil Chester, Head of Strategic Marketing and Brand, on 45-Years with The Company

Congratulations to Phil Chester, Head of Strategic Marketing and Brand, who is celebrating his 45-year work anniversary this month.

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    At the beginning of his career, Phil briefly worked at WH Tew, an electrical engineering company, before he pursued Psychiatric Nursing at St. George’s, Stafford, an old-fashioned asylum with roots tracing back to the Napoleonic Wars era. His decision to work as a nurse marked the beginning of an unconventional yet fulfilling career trajectory.  

    Fate would bring Phil back to WH Tew and allow him to lead a business area within the company that specialized in engraving and mimic diagram services for the control room market. He pursued further education in business and marketing to enhance their offerings and adapt to the evolving market demands and dynamic landscape of the 1980s. 

    In 2015, L.B. Foster was interested in pivoting their focus towards the technology business and acquired TEW Group for their experience in the Rail industry and customer information. There was a connection between the two businesses that made TEW Group a great fit for L.B. Foster. Phil said, “Joining L.B. Foster following the acquisition marked an exciting new chapter in my professional journey. As the Director of Marketing for the TEW Group within L.B. Foster, I embraced the opportunity to contribute to a larger, global team and make a meaningful impact on a broader scale.” 

    When asked why he chose to spend his career working for L.B. Foster he said, “I felt the marketing skills I had very much complimented where L.B. Foster was at the time, and it was great to work with others in the US to develop the brand in the UK.” 

    Phil’s favorite project he has worked on so far with the Company, was for the National Ice Center, the first twin Olympic-sized ice pad facility in the U.K., located in Nottingham. The center was opened in 2000 and provides the public with a combined venue for live entertainment and leisure. Phil oversaw the team that took care of everything from wayfinding, media signage, and digital screens.  

    Phil commented, “Watching the first opening concert was Simply Red, they were brilliant on a really fantastic night to open the Arena. It was a great night to look at everything that we’ve been working on and see the culmination of some great, creative work. There was lots of innovation with big screen technology, we were introducing some interesting customer-facing solutions.” 

    He enjoys working at L.B. Foster, as we challenge the status quo and keep things moving with our innovative thinking and solutions, especially with our brand development. 

    Phil concluded, “Looking back, my experience with TEW and L.B. Foster has been nothing short of rewarding. It's been a journey filled with growth, learning, challenges, and exciting possibilities. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, and I'm excited to continue making a positive impact with the discovery, design and delivery process contributing to the introduction of our exciting new brand.” 

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