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https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/news/img2366red.jpg open steel grid decking
https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/news/img2354red.jpg open steel grid decking

L.B. Foster Fabricated Bridge Products is working with general contractor and international marine construction firm Muhibbah Engineering to install 10,292 sq. ft. of galvanized open steel grid decking for a heavy-duty ship lift application within the Marine Cluster of the Um Alhoul Economic Zone (QEZ-3) Phase 2.1, adjacent to Hamad Port and Doha, Qatar. 

The permanent ship lift system was designed by Pearlson Shiplift Corporation and will incorporate 316 steel grid deck panels of varying sizes up to 16’ long by 7’ wide. “We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the project stakeholders and leverage the Steel Grid Deck product’s attributes to address the project’s design and serviceability objectives. Open Steel Grid Decking has proven to be an excellent solution on similar projects in the past, so we drew from that experience and customized the details for this particular client,” commented Chris Davis, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, L.B. Foster.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of the Grid Decking contributes to the overall structural efficiency of this impressive mechanical system. The open nature of the Grid Deck is an important characteristic, allowing for water to pass directly through it. The ship lift system hoists vessels in and out of the water for dry-docking, where they can be moved to specific work areas.

The Marine Cluster of QEZ-3 is an important component supporting the new Hamad Port project. When fully operational, the Port will be capable of handling up to 7.8 million tons of products annually and will ultimately span more than 26 square kilometers. 

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