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Three Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS) facilities were recently awarded several semi-premium and API licenses to support company-wide offerings. Each facility including Kimball, Nebraska, Fort Morgan, Colorado and Watford City, North Dakota service oil and gas companies with upstream operations in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

The Kimball facility has been awarded several semi-premium threading licenses including Geo-conn, Everlock, and BK.

The Fort Morgan facility has been awarded a license to provide CNC threading services for GB Tubulars semi-premium connections. GB Tubulars Drilling with Casing Connections are used for high torque and fatigue resistant applications where standard API connections do not provide adequate performance characteristics.

The Watford City facility has been awarded licenses to provide CNC threading services for Tenaris TXP Buttress connections and American Petroleum Institute (API) premium certified thread types. The TXP Buttress is a licensed thread profile that offers enhanced performance with API compatibility on new and used casing from 4 ½” up to 9 5/8”.

“We’re excited to be awarded these additional threading licenses from our mill partners,” comments Blake Higbie, Director of Sales and Marketing, Inspection Oilfield Services. “We are now licensed to apply a wide range of threading services on new and used tubing, casing and drill pipe through our strategically located facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region’s active drilling areas.”

IOS operates facilities that service major oil and gas basins across the U.S., providing convenient access and 24/7 service for customers requiring API and licensed premium manufacture and repair capabilities. The Company continues to build on its 25+ years of service as a leader in non-destructive testing, inspection and threading services for tubular products used in critical oil and gas applications. For more information, please visit www.iosinspection.com.

TXP® is a registered trademark of Tenaris.

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