Alternative Applications

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There are several alternative uses for our lightweight steel grid bridge decking. This versatile material that is strong and designed for handling heavy rolling loads also has a multitude of other uses in non-bridge applications. At L.B. Foster, we’re thinking outside of the bridge when it comes to our fabricated bridge products.

Port Facilities

L.B. Foster’s manufactured steel grid decking was recently used as a non-traditional material in the design of a new ship-loading system in Destrehan, Louisiana. Approximately 34,000 square feet of steel grid bridge decking manufactured at L.B. Foster’s Bedford, PA, facility was used in the construction of a non-traditional type flooring system constructed by Boh Bros. Construction Co. The bridge decking was specified as part of the dock construction for Bunge North America’s new grain elevator system to improve the Destrehan, LA facility’s export productivity and capacity.

Heavy duty open steel grid bridge flooring easily handles heavy loads imposed at port facilities for loading and unloading ships. Its non-skid, serrated surface maintains a safe working environment where water and debris will not collect. The large panels install quickly to keep the facility working.

Wildlife Guard

The Bedford, PA, production facility produced steel grid bridge decking is also used to help protect wildlife. In the National Key Deer Refuge, it was installed to support the protection and preservation of endangered Key deer and other Florida Key wildlife. The open bridge grating was installed to deter wildlife from entering areas outside of the refuge where it would be at risk. The Refuge is located in the lower Florida Keys and currently consists of approximately 9,200 acres of land and home to 23 endangered and threatened plant and animal species and hundreds of others. 

Additionally, the wildlife guards have been installed in parts of Montana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Colorado to keep wildlife off highways and reduce interactions between cars and wild animals. 

There are many other alternative applications for this adaptable material which take advantage of its strength and/or lightweight. L.B. Foster is the oldest, largest and most experienced manufacturer of this type of material offering in-house design assistance for any type of application that you can dream up.

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