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We are aligning the future of our business with critical infrastructure projects, engineering new technologies and solutions that keep us moving forward. As Europe’s largest civil engineering and construction project, Crossrail is a project in which everyone wants a part, and we’re no different.

Paul Unwin, Director, L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions, explains: “Our smart technology solutions have a fantastic track record of achievement supporting major infrastructure such as London Overground and London Underground. Our involvement in Crossrail is a logical progression as our engineering capabilities are proven in service on some of the most demanding infrastructure anywhere in the world.

“We are installing essential Public Address Voice Alarm (PAVA) safety systems at Crossrail’s main interface stations: Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, Farringdon and Whitechapel. These safety critical systems have been developed to meet the highest demands of London Underground and are used across the capital’s tube network.

“Alongside PAVA, we are also installing CCTV safety monitoring systems. Our systems enable centralised controllers to monitor, review and respond to incidents as they happen, as well as providing secondary reassurance to travellers that a watchful eye is ensuring their safe transit. 

“And our design capabilities are being deployed in the new Building Management System at Whitechapel, Farringdon and Liverpool Street stations.”

Augmented reality

Paul Unwin continues: “As a business we have further enhanced our capability with strategic acquisitions, including a technology-led partner that is now an integral part of L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions. We can now deploy augmented reality help points, or ‘virtual assistants’, that provide travellers with advice on a range of travel-related matters, including the safe use of escalators. And our networked Digital Pro Media (DPM) solutions enable operators to change critical customer information across multiple screens and multiple locations quickly and efficiently – keeping customers up to date with travel news, as well as alerting them to future travel disruption.

“It’s a fantastic testimony to the extraordinary people behind our business that our name and brand are associated with one of Europe’s most prestigious engineering projects. It’s a team of highly motivated designers, engineers and installers that works seamlessly to deliver on time and on budget, but which is always encouraged to ask questions and suggest solutions.”

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