L.B. Foster recently announced that it has begun to sell Gerdau’s latest improvement for engineered products, new grade 60 ksi steel PZC sheet piling sections.

This line presents the industry with a wide range of innovative and cost-effective piling foundation solutions. L.B. Foster sells and rents grade 60 ksi steel sheet piles for use in temporary or permanent applications that require high strength-to-weight ratios such as in marine, foundation, transportation and environmental type construction projects.

“With this new line, we can now offer our customers a 20% increase in strength in the sheets’ bending moment performance compared to the commonly used A572-50 steel grade. This allows for even stronger Deep Foundation project designs utilizing greater sheet pile carrying capacity for larger bending moment requirements,” comments Richard Morales P.E., Director of Engineering.

L.B. Foster's supply partner, Gerdau, produces various types of hot-rolled, domestic sheet piling at their US facilities and L.B. Foster inventories the material for ready shipment from their regional stocking locations.

PZC™ domestic sheet piling sections feature the contractor preferred ball-and-socket interlock, which provides greater strength, more degrees of swing and flexibility than alternative foreign Z-profile sheet piling sections, making it easier to set and drive in single use applications and for rental projects.

PZC™ is a trademark of Gerdau.

lbfosterus en 08 May 2019 news/details/2019-05-08-lb-foster-broadens-product-offerings-with-new-grade-60-ksi-steel-pzctm-sheet-piling