VR-22 Piston Sampler


The Chemtec VR-22 is a spring loaded volumetric sample grabber utilizing a piston/cylinder assembly. 

This design offers several advantages over traditional diaphragm samplers while still offering a low cost solution for sampling. The sampler includes a stainless steel body, electric 3-way solenoid valve, needle valve, and inlet probe. The optional confirmation switch can be used to send a confirmation signal at the completion of each sample .

The VR-22 is designed to extract samples from 2-22 cc’s. Adjusting the sample size is accomplished via a threaded adjustment stem. The VR-22 is activated by an external signal. This signal, which energizes the VR-22 solenoid, allows samples to enter the sampler body via the inlet probe. Once the sampler body is filled and the solenoid valve is de-energized, the sample is discharged into an external sample container. 

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