Composite Sample Container



The Chemtec Composite Sample Container and Circulation System allow operators to accurately collect, store, and recirculate crude oil in a low pressure environment. 

The Receiver/ Pump Skid is designed to support LACT/ACT units, truck loading/unloading, pipeline systems, marine terminal operations, or for allocation purposes. The Chemtec Composite Sampler is an API 8.3 certified and “operator friendly” design combined with high quality components; assuring durability, dependability, and accessibility for the end user.

The Composit Sampler Container can be paired with any sample extractor to round out the sampling solution. It is made with an O-ring sealed beveled closure edge ensuring container integrety without any intrusion of contaminants or external elements. The flexibility in desing allows for a space saving stacked desing with the container over motor, or a side by side configuration making maintenance a breeze. The container closure is also outfitted with integrated quick open handles, allowing for no tools required access. Chemtec will appoint the system with any of a number of options including single phase or three phase, Manual Sample Port, overfill float switch for high level, internal epoxy lining, KENCO SS frame sight glass with isolation valve and Lexan cover. 


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