Sampling Solutions

Sampling Solutions



The Chemtec XtractPRO answers the need for improved sample size and frequency while delivering adjustability of each sample grab. 

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Patent Pending IsoFLOW™ Probe

The Chemtec IsoFLOW Probe is a mechanical device that when inserted into a pipeline, API Loop, or any other flowing line it extracts a slip stream of product from said...

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Patented VR-22 Piston Sampler

The Chemtec VR-22 is a spring loaded volumetric sample grabber utilizing a piston/cylinder assembly. 

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Composite Sample Container


The Chemtec Composite Sample Container and Circulation System allow operators to accurately collect, store, and recirculate crude oil in...

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Chemtec’s standard operating procedures have earned the Company

L.B. Foster Subsidiary, Chemtec Energy Services, Receives ISO Certification