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Coatings & Measurement

L.B. Foster plays an integral role in the oil and gas industry, from transportation to refineries to distribution networks carrying hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas.

The Company’s Coatings & Measurement businesses are focused on the safe deployment of tubulars for energy transport applications, and the critical measurement required for the transport of liquids and gases. Our breadth of conversion services such as corrosion protection of pipelines and premium connections prepare tubulars for critical oil and gas transport applications across the entire energy delivery path. Our engineered liquid and gas flow metering system solutions provide critical custody transfer for oil and gas projects around the world. The Company also manufactures complete additive and dye injection systems that are used in petroleum and petrochemical applications.

Coatings & Measurement has two primary product or service groups: Protective Coatings (Line Pipe and Custom Coating), and Chemtec Energy Services (Measurement Solutions for Pipelines, Additive & Injection Systems, Metering Skids).

  • Protective Coatings provides a variety of protective coatings for steel line pipe and custom coatings for specialty diameter pipe and fittings at its two facilities located in Birmingham, AL and Willis, TX.

  • Chemtec Energy Services engineers and custom builds metering systems for custody transfer applications including crude oil and other petroleumbased products. This business also builds additive and dye injection systems that are used to inject additives and/ or dyes into petroleum and petrochemical products.

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