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Transforming Rail Noise Reduction with Advanced Friction Management

Discover how our innovative solutions are making rail journeys quieter, smoother, and more efficient.

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Tackling the challenge of rail noise pollution. Download our white paper.

Noise pollution from railways is a significant environmental and health issue affecting millions globally. Our latest research explores the effectiveness of friction management (FM) solutions like gauge face grease (GF), restraining rail (RR), and top of rail friction modifiers (TOR FM) in mitigating curving noise in rail systems.

Understanding Curving Noise Phenomena

  • Flanging Noise: Buzzing/hissing sound with high-frequency components (>5000 Hz), influenced by lateral and flanging forces.

  • Restraining Rail Noise: Varies with design, affected by back of flange contact force and lubrication.

  • Top of Rail Squeal Noise: High-pitched, tonal squeal (800-5000 Hz), prevalent in problem curves.

Comprehensive Noise Control Strategies

  • Gauge Face Grease (GF): Historically believed to control curving noise, but GF grease alone is often ineffective and can be detrimental due to overapplication.

  • Restraining Rail Grease (RR): Can reduce noise levels by 2-4 decibels but must be carefully applied.

  • Top of Rail Friction Modifiers (TOR FM): Crucial for controlling stick-slip and reducing noise, supported by extensive data.


Proven Results from Field Testing

Our field tests indicate that combining GF grease, restraining rail, and TOR FM presents a promising strategy for reducing rail noise. Learn more about our methodologies, results, and the real-world impact of our solutions.

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Pioneering Future Research and Technologies

Stay ahead with emerging technologies and ongoing research in rail noise mitigation. Discover how noise and vibration sensors, auralization tools, and ground vibration prediction software are revolutionizing the industry.


Join the Journey to Quieter Rails

Download our comprehensive white paper to explore in-depth insights and practical strategies for rail noise reduction. Connect with us for daily "Train Talks at Twelve" sessions and stay informed on the latest advancements in friction management.

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