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Mobile Information Totem Ready for Take-off

Getting the right information, to the right people at the right time.. We all know what this means for passengers as shown in the recent copy of the Guardian.

The recent publication of the Civil Aviation Authorities “Passenger welfare at times of major disruption - guidance for UK airports” was enlightening for many reasons.

There is now an increased awareness of the audience, given the CAA understand that this is construed from many stakeholders including “..multiple stakeholders, including airports, airlines, travel agents, ground handlers, air traffic controllers, security and border control, caterers, surface transport providers and maintenance services.

Most of the time, these organisations interface seamlessly, providing a hassle-free experience to the vast majority of the 230 million passengers who fly in and out of the UK every year.” - the key component in this is the passenger, who includes us all and, as with any transport experience, will experience disruption in some form on a fairly regular basis. For a report to include the terminology “major distribution” is a substantial move forward. This awareness by the industry that priceless information delivered to passengers experiencing delays or disruption to their journey plans is a key antidote to frustration and complaints. The longer pain point for operators is cost, brand and reputation dilution & business failings.

In the CAA Guidelines, it says “(Thirdly), it is essential to ensure clear and effective communications to passengers and transport users so that the impact of disruption on people and businesses is minimised.” As a solution to this mandate, L.B. Foster delivers a strategy for influencing, servicing and enhancing the passenger experience across their whole journey with personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it. Delivered by pioneering technology, keeping passengers informed and connected.

One of the key solutions is called “Inform” and comprises one of the latest information units in any industry today. Inform is either supplied as a wall or free standing unit. The free standing unit, including interactive touch screen if required, is uniquely placed as an iconic display giving passenger information wherever and whenever they want it.

Read more about our INFORM installations at Gatwick and Bristol in the International Airport Review

Inform Totem is fully wireless, fully mobile and can be used indoor and outdoors. Apart from conforming to environmental accreditations such as IP65 & Section 12, the unit has passed the ASIAD PBEIED Blast Test compliant testing.

See our certificate below

The information Inform delivers is just as important as the hardware unit. We deliver our software called “Inform Media” as a user friendly platform via our experienced in-house developers. Inform Media is a digital signage solution which enables you to design, schedule and direct content to screens using familiar methods and it’s incredibly easy to use. It is as simple as point, click, drag and drop to upload and insert new content. It supports all digital media formats and allows you to create your own on-screen messages, play back web based content or integrate with your existing information systems. Truly a proven world leading system that delivers your content right to where your customers are.

Inform is a state of the art solution that ticks the boxes of passengers and operators alike.

Benefits overview

  • Passenger delays information in real time

  • information when you need it where you need it

  • mobile and wireless

  • including multi-modal transport journey information

  • full display options and integrated feeds (FID etc).

What are our clients saying?

We are always looking for new ways to improve the passenger journey and be more efficient in giving information in a timely manner; embracing new technology is a big part of this and our passengers expect it.

David Swain, South Terminal Operations Manager at London Gatwick Airport

What makes L.B. Foster’s solution stand apart is the fact the wheeled unit can move anywhere around the airport.

Jackson Thomas, Business Improvement Engineer at Bristol Airport

Download the latest version of our totem datasheet here

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