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L.B. Foster Protective Coatings

Ty Samples, L.B. Foster Protective Coatings, USA, outlines the company’s collaborations and new ventures that keep it ready for future coating challenges.

L.B. Foster plays an integral role in many stages of the oil and gas industry, from the drilling and production market segment to transportation and refineries, as well as in distribution networks carrying hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas.

The company’s tubular and energy segment is focused on the safe deployment of tubulars for energy transport applications, and the critical measurement required for the transport of liquids and gases.

L.B. Foster’s breadth of conversion services – such as corrosion protection of pipelines, asset integrity services and premium connections – prepare tubulars for critical oil and gas transport applications across the entire energy delivery path.

In the form of both high-level production and custom application, L.B. Foster offers top of the line corrosion protection coatings, abrasion resistant overcoats and internal flow efficiency coating. The company makes use of the latest technologies while adhering to the most stringent specifications.

L.B. Foster’s services are not just limited to straight line piping; it also offers coating solutions for risers, spool pieces, fittings and bends, with custom processes and a vast array of product applications.

L.B. Foster is a leading industry provider of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating, the standard for corrosion prevention used in conjunction with cathodic protection (CP) in the oil and gas transmission markets.

FBE coating is the top choice for pipelines in North America. FBE is a one part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy powder with physical attributes such as strong adhesion to the steel substrate, flexibility, high chemical resistance, and compatibility with CP.  

L.B. Foster’s ability to provide services to long range oil and gas transmission projects coupled with short run custom applications that meet critical deadlines sets it apart in the coating industry.


Alliance with American Steel Pipe

In a strategic alliance with American Steel Pipe, dating back to 1992, L.B. Foster Protective Coatings serves as an inline contractor providing FBE, ARO and Flowliner efficiency coatings to ERW carbon steel pipe ranging from 12.75 - 24 in. for long distance pipeline projects.

The company’s state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest in coating application technology, featuring induction heating, modern era Nordson powder delivery systems and an onsite laboratory to perform destructive and non-destructive tests. With the advantage of the coating facility’s location being on the premises of American Steel Pipe’s property, transmission companies can alleviate pressures of logistical strains associated with offsite coating, aligning inspection and extra handling as a biproduct of more transit.

New flow efficiency line

As a customer-centric focus is at the forefront of L.B. Foster’s core beliefs, in 2016 its Protective Coatings division unveiled an ID flow efficiency line to meet current industry demands. This line incorporates induction heating, a variable drive system, and a one of a kind paint curing oven capable of handling up to 24 in. QRLs.

As a new offering, Flowliner coating creates a smooth surface on the ID of pipe, masking natural peaks and valleys in profiles of the steel. As the line operates at high pressures this coating mitigates turbulence in the line, facilitating laminar flow, thus reducing the friction co-efficient of the line. In turn, this lowers the compression horsepower and fuel consumption, which ultimately reduces operating cost. Recently updated to ISO 9001:2015 certification, L.B. Foster’s Birmingham, Alabama location is dedicated to meeting long distance pipeline needs while adhering to the utmost quality standards.

Custom Coating

In 2014, L.B. Foster Protective Coatings ventured into the custom coating segment with the acquisition of Ball-Winch to further serve the natural gas and oil transmission markets, as well as to break into the water market. Recently rebranded under the Protective Coatings entity, the Willis, Texas facility provides versatility, speed, quality and experience to custom application.

Protective Coatings Willis offers a vast array of coating solutions to a wide range of products. It has the unique capability to coat 0.25 in. to 74 in. pipe, as well as induction bends, forged fittings, tees, pups and spool pieces, all on one site with numerous coating options. The company’s variety of solutions includes FBE, Specialty Polymer Coatings, Denso Protal, Seal for Life Powercrete and 3LPE. With the certification and addition of Specialty Polymer Coatings in 2016, as well as plural component spray system, the company now offers 2-part spray grade epoxy coatings. These coatings may be applied to existing FBE as an abrasion resistant overcoat or direct to steel as an elevated temperature performance coating, corrosive protective coating and an ARO with its high build capabilities. L.B. Foster continues to test new products as value adding applications for its customer base.

Delivering Timely Solutions

At the heart of L.B. Foster’s business philosophy is acute attention to customer service and quality. There is no job too small, or needed too quickly, for the Willis operation. The company strives to maintain the fastest turn times in the industry. As Kevin Steffenhaurer of Pipe Distributors, Inc. (USA) said, “I had a hot order on a Friday which needed to be coated and delivered on a Saturday. I turned to L.B. Foster Willis and they were able to meet delivery when no one else could.”

Sarah Thornton, L.B. Foster Client Relations Manager, states: “We consider ourselves the emergency room for pipeline needs, when our customer needs us most we always find a way to deliver a timely solution, it is that focus on service that keeps our customers coming back to us.”

The maturation of the Willis operation has allowed the company to serve its existing customer base in a new market segment, from planned long distance lines to quick turnarounds for more immediate construction projects.

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