Flood Monitoring


The Flood Monitoring System by L.B. Foster is one of the most innovative detection solutions available currently, and delivers on unique features and benefits that other flood or water level detection systems cannot match.

Floods, high winds and landslips can destroy railway infrastructure and block lines, so operation teams repair damage and clear debris to ensure trains can continue to run.

Flood water in particular can pose problems on the railway. Water blocking the lines, as well as debris, silt and mud making its way onto the track, are only part of it. The lasting damage that flood water can cause to infrastructure can lead to ongoing repair work that takes days, weeks or even months.

L.B. Foster’s Flood Monitoring System is significantly different to other solutions currently available delivering accurate depth monitoring and early warning communications. Click here to see an illustration of a typical layout for flood monitoring.

System Benefits

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Can Operate Anywhere - No Direct Power Required
  • Provides Detailed Flood Reports to Prompt Appropriate Response
  • Promotes Greater Safety by Eliminating Dangerous 24 Hour Inspections

The detection component of the solution is a flood detector pole. The flood poles contain sophisticated electronics that use capacitance sensor technology to detect if water is present and at what depth. 

Affixed to the utility pole are the base station, optional CCTV camera, and an optional solar panel. The base station and camera are powered by solar energy with a 12 volt storage battery. The camera can view the site using these options: 360°, tilt, zoom, and wide-angle. The base station communicates with all the poles using line of sight radio; and communicates with the cloud server and customer interface via the cellular phone network. 

System Operation

  • There are two flood sensors on the inline flood pole: Flood Water Warning and Flood Water Alarm. In a Warning or Alarm mode, the camera is activated for one hour to allow one user to view the site via the CCTV Camera, using a web browser, client application (free issue) or smart phone application.

  • If water is detected at the Flood Water Warning Point (Zero on the pole), the system will send a Flood Water Warning to the nominated operation staff member by email. This will include photos of the pole that initiated the warning. This warning will enable the main flood sensor.

  • If the water level reaches the Flood Water Alarm Point on the main flood sensor, the system will send a Flood Water Alarm to the nominated operation staff member by email . This will include photos of the pole that initiated the alarm. 

  • The operational status of the Flood Monitoring System is monitored by the cloud server. If it does not receive adequate pole data or communications from the base station, approximately every hour, it will send a Condition Status Alert to the nominated operation staff member by email.

    Customer Interface

    The Customer Interface enables designated administrators to access flood monitoring system camera views using a web browser, client application (free issue) or smart phone application for one hour while the system is in an alarm state. 

    Total Track Monitoring™ by L.B. Foster features sophisticated data management software. Event data resulting from the flooding is captured, stored and analyzed, providing detailed intelligence on event regularity and severity. This allows railroad operators to build a detailed event profile and identify actions to prevent or offset future events.

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