Freight Solutions


With over 25 years of proven performance in the field, L.B. Foster’s FLCF solid stick system is installed on over 2,000 locomotives and freight cars in the world today.

Standard and custom hardware designs

  • Many available standard designs for GE, EMD, Progress Rail, BT, and Goninan locomotives

  • Hardware can be customed designed to fit your locomotive or freight cars

  • Hardware designed and/or tested to meet your shock and vibration standards

KELSAN® FLCF solid stick on-board lubricant

  • 100% dry film

  • Thermal stability ensures no product migration

  • Patented interlocking feature to ensure continuous application and minimal wastage

  • Non-Toxic

  • Non-Flammable and Flame Resistant


  • Extends wheel flange and rail gauge life

  • Reduces risk of low-speed wheel climb derailments

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • No effect on traction or braking

  • Safer, cleaner and more reliable than oil-based alternatives

  • Lasts significantly longer than other competitor stick brands

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