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AUTOPILOT® is the first on-board water-based friction modifier spray system to be commercialized for freight and heavy haul operators.

AUTOPILOT is a mobile top-of-rail application system which can be installed on-board a freight car or locomotive and applies KELTRACK® AutoPilot friction modifiers to the wheel/rail interface. A track record of over 15 years on locomotives and freight cars has shown significant cost and safety benefits through its deployment.

The AUTOPILOT system uses GPS control to automatically adjust product application rates to optimize the friction levels at the wheel/rail interface. This flexible control technology can incorporate geo-fencing and normal operating inputs to create a customized application strategy. These mobile systems are customized specifically fit any car or locomotive and aim to maximize tank volume capacity to meet the service needs of the customer.

The AUTOPILOT system is also supported by Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM) technology. RPM is a powerful tool that enables customers to manage critical control settings to ensure optimal performance. It proactively manages the lubrication equipment by monitoring and reporting uptime, maintenance concerns and refilling requirements. The technology also facilitates advanced maintenance and filling programs by predicting when the equipment is arriving at the maintenance site so refilling can be completed within typical yard dwell times keeping your railroad operations on schedule.

Custom system design

  • System custom designed to fit your locomotive or freight car

  • Custom designed tank, control panel, and control software

  • Innovative, patent pending, spray nozzle technology

  • Options for location control and Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM)

KELTRACK AutoPilot on-board TOR friction modifier

  • Water-based

  • Provides intermediate friction levels to TOR

  • Exhibits positive friction characteristics

  • Low freezing point for colder climates

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-flammable


  • Reduces lateral forces on curves thus reducing derailment risks

  • Reduces maintenance grinding costs by reducing RCF on TOR

  • Extends wheel and rail life

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Reduces track spreading forces

  • No effect on traction or braking

  • Safer, cleaner and more reliable than oil-based alternatives

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