Our Leadership Team


L.B. Foster's executive leadership team sets the company's strategic direction, and is dedicated to sustainable profitable growth via its commitment to providing quality products and services to its customers and treating our customers, suppliers and employees as partners.


    Robert Bauer




Mr. Bauer was elected President & Chief Executive Officer upon joining the company in February, 2012, at which time he was also appointed as a director. Since joining the company, Mr. Bauer has focused on creating value through a strategic plan that brings innovation to new products, expands opportunity by entering adjacent markets, and prioritizes capital to maximize enterprise value.  The company has made acquisitions intended to bring exposure to faster growing markets and result in establishing more profitable business models to build on.  This is reshaping the portfolio companies and creating opportunities for all employees.  Mr. Bauer recognizes the potential that L.B. Foster people possess as he constantly strives to provide the inspiration for people to achieve new levels of performance.  As his primary mission is increasing shareholder value, he has led efforts around the development of the L.B. Foster Business System, a comprehensive methodology for development of the most important business processes that can maximize the company’s success.  He is committed to a culture that recognizes performance and the need for continuous improvement, while protecting such core values as respect, integrity and teamwork.   

    Patrick Guinee



Mr. Guinee joined the company in 2014 as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.  In this role Mr. Guinee provides leadership for legal matters and public company governance requirements.  He came to the company having previously served in corporate governance and assistant secretary roles at publicly traded companies.  He provides the needed oversight for compliance with SEC regulations as well as structuring policy for proper governance, ethics, and risk management.  He plays an important role in helping business managers make sound decisions regarding contracts, employment and human resources, and various compliance matters. Mr. Guinee also provides legal guidance for the board of directors.

Peter Jones    Peter Jones




Mr. Jones is the managing director for L.B. Foster operations throughout the European region.  He resides in Sheffield, England, the European headquarters and base of operations for L.B. Foster track components.   L.B. Foster’s European business is largely made up of rail products and solutions for applications that provide efficiency, comfort and safety to transit rail operators.  Mr. Jones is leading efforts to build the company’s automation solutions business targeted at transportation applications and adjacent markets where we are delivering advanced solutions that automate several aspects of equipment and transportation systems, including services designed for bespoke systems to end users.  Following three acquisitions in Europe, this region is playing a key role in creating value for the company. 

    John Kasel




Mr. Kasel began his career with L.B. Foster in 2003 as Senior Vice President, Operations.  In that capacity Mr. Kasel oversaw all manufacturing operations across the company.  He provided the needed leadership to drive advanced operating processes across all operations intended to drive efficiency, high quality, and excellent customer service.  Mr. Kasel helped the company achieve new levels of ISO certification and safety performance.  In 2012, Mr. Kasel was appointed Sr. Vice President, Rail Business, which included all rail business operations as the company was organized into business unit segments.  He eventually assumed responsibility for the Construction Business Segment, which gave him responsibility for approximately three-fourths of the company’s revenue.  In 2019, Mr. Kasel was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, L.B. Foster Company. In this expanded role, Mr. Kasel is responsible for both of the company’s reporting segments, as well as the information technology group. 

     Brian Kelly



Mr. Kelly began his career with L.B. Foster in 2006 as Vice President, Human Resources.  He came to the company having previously served in various HR leadership roles at public and private companies.  Since joining the company, Mr. Kelly has been focused on developing talent and human resources programs that create a culture of teamwork as a cornerstone of our values, emphasizing that it’s not only what you do, but how you do it.  In 2012, Mr. Kelly took over several administrative functions within the company in addition to his HR leadership role.  Today, Mr. Kelly is the Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, with leadership responsibilities that include Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Corporate Marketing, Environmental, Health and Safety, Real Estate and Facilities, and Continuous Sustainable Improvement (CSI).

    James Kempton



Mr. Kempton joined the company in 2020 as Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer.   He brings a unique background to our leadership team with extensive experience with public and private-equity backed companies, as well as with a Big 4 public accounting firm.  Mr. Kempton provides strategic, operational, and financial perspectives on a multitude of focus areas, including SEC and other regulatory matters, as well as Sarbanes-Oxley and internal controls over financial reporting.  In addition, during his career Mr. Kempton has been heavily involved in various equity and debt offerings, as well as bringing significant experience in M&A activities, including leading integrations of acquisitions.  Mr. Kempton is responsible for corporate accounting, financial reporting and tax, and plays a key role in the analysis and decisions around strategic initiatives of the organization.    

    Greg Lippard




Mr. Lippard is responsible for the Rail Business line as well as the Rail Business segment sales operations.  Mr. Lippard has worked in the North American rail industry for over 25 years and has held various board positions on important industry associations.  As the company’s top leader in sales he is often regarded as the voice of the customer and a key sponsor for our Customer Centric goals.  His responsibilities in the company have also included management of international sales and business development, and he currently leads the sales departments responsible for export sales.  Mr. Lippard is also overseeing the rail segments service initiatives which are a key component to organic growth by helping drive operating ratio performance for freight rail operators.  Mr. Lippard plays a significant role in managing relationships with some of the company’s most important partners.

     William Thalman




Mr. William (Bill) M. Thalman joined L.B. Foster in 2021 as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Thalman brings to the company considerable experience from a successful career in finance and operating positions. Mr. Thalman was previously employed by Kennametal, Inc., a publicly-traded corporation providing metal cutting and wear-protection solutions to various industries, since 2004, most recently serving as Vice President – Advanced Material Solutions since 2016 and Vice President – Transformation Office since 2019. Prior to his most recent assignments, Mr. Thalman served in roles of increasing responsibility, including Vice President – Finance Infrastructure, Director of Finance – M&A and Planning, Director of Finance – Kennametal Europe, and Assistant Corporate Controller. Prior to Kennametal, Mr. Thalman held positions where he had responsibility for treasury, investor relations, and financial reporting. Early in his career, he worked in public accounting at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers). Mr. Thalman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from West Virginia University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

     William Treacy




Mr. Treacy was appointed Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions in 2021, having served as Tubular & Energy Services in 2017.  He previously held leadership positions in L.B. Foster’s Rail Business segment guiding manufacturing and product engineering as well as general management responsibilities for various rail divisions.  His current responsibilities include those divisions that serve the tubular and energy markets for services and solutions critical to oil & gas applications.  Among Mr. Treacy’s responsibilities are some of the most recent acquisitions the company has made to increase exposure to services for oil & gas development in shale territories and support of pipeline infrastructure to move liquids and gas to their final destination.  Mr. Treacy’s team is adapting to the constantly changing requirements of the U.S. energy industry that is evolving into the worlds most significant supplier.  

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