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Automation and Robotics

L.B. Foster's automation and robotics systems ingeniously maximise space utilisation, augment speed, and bolster efficiency, establishing themselves as an essential cornerstone of your operational dynamics.


L.B. Foster's Automated Machines and Robotic solutions offer multiple benefits including, enhanced productivity, high quality and precise output, improved safety, space optimisation, flexible and customisable options.  Our solutions are designed to maximise space, speed, and efficiency, making them an indispensable part of your operational dynamics.

Enhanced Productivity:  

Automated machinery, production lines, conveyors, robotics, and streamlined assembly stations contribute to increased productivity through improved speed, reduced downtime, and enhanced efficiency.    

High-quality and Precise Output: 

Automation ensures consistently high-quality products, with machinery and robots capable of performing tasks with extreme precision.    

Improved Safety: 

Automated systems reduce the risk of human error, provide safety enhancements, and offer inherent protections, minimising accidents and injuries.    

Customisation and Flexibility: 

Automated solutions are customisable to specific needs, offering manual control options and conveyor solutions tailored to your business.    

Space Optimisation: 

Conveyors help maximise space in your facility, improving efficiency and productivity.  

Future-proof Operations:  

Robotics and automated solutions are designed to evolve with your business, ensuring they remain relevant and effective as your needs change. 

Automation is delivered through the design of

·       Automated Production Lines

·       Robotic Manufacturing, Assembly and Finishing solutions

·       Streamlined Assembly Stations

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Aftersales and Service Solutions

L.B. Foster are your partner in maximising uptime and extending the lifespan of your machines. We can provide strategies and insights to keep your operations competitive digitally.

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