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Environmental Products

L.B. Foster environmental products, including track mats and applicator bar trays, are designed to help prevent contamination of rail ballast, rail yards, and sensitive environmental areas.

L.B Foster track mats address the problems of soil and ballast contamination.

Utilizing the latest geocomposite technology, all L.B. Foster track mats provide a simple and cost-effective solution for maintaining a clean, safe site that also delivers maximum lubrication or friction management.

L.B. Foster track mat benefits:

  • Capable of absorbing up to 10 times its weight

  • Inert to biological degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids

  • Designed to maintain material strength when saturated for easy removal and disposal

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Custom widths and lengths available

Placed over the ties, track mats are easily and quickly cut to match any gauge face or top of rail applicator configuration for a custom fit. All L.B. Foster track mats have excellent durability and are highly resistant to ultraviolet deterioration, solvents, puncture, excessive temperatures, moisture and high-volume traffic.   

L.B. Foster track mats can also be used in railroad locomotive refueling applications, ready-station sites and for leak and drip control underneath most types of rolling stock and track maintenance equipment.   

Track Mats

L.B. Foster offers two styles of track mats: 

GTPLUS track mats function as a cost-effective “high-tech carpet” by covering the railroad site ground surface. Excess lubricant that would have otherwise penetrated the soil or ballast is easily removed from the GTPLUS surface while in place or can be disposed of by removing and replacing the GTPLUS unit entirely.  The GTPLUS track mats have the added feature of an absorbent layer that can retain large amounts of bulk and dissolved hydrocarbons (oils, fuel, hydraulic fluids for example). 

CATCH-ALL track mats are the legacy track mat that are strong and durable composite material to control the contaminants present in railroad operating environments.   

While the GTPLUS and CATCH-ALL track mats are effective solutions to control environmental contamination, no track mat can be guaranteed to retain 100% of the grease, oil and other contaminants.   

L.B. Foster also offers MATMATE BARTENDER applicator bar trays which protect rail lines by trapping excess grease at a gauge face application site. The light weight, eco-friendly trays can extend the life of a track mat because there is less spillage around the distribution bars. It also provides an added layer of protection again ballast and environment contamination. 

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