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Third Rail Accessories

train station showing track and on-coming train.

Third Rail Appurtenances

As part of the various contact rail systems that L.B. Foster Company can provide, we offer end approaches (ramps/inclines), expansion joints, anchor systems, concrete tie extensions and concrete insert systems designed and proven to work. Let us provide you with our complete contact rail system or design one to meet your specific needs.



L.B. Foster Transit Products has both fiberglass and porcelain insulators for all types of transit and railroad applications. Contact us for any of your insulator installations, whether it be top running, under running or side running contact rail system. 

We can offer either stock insulators or develop one specific to your application. Customers include virtually all North American heavy rail transit systems. 

closeup of a railroad track.

Coverboard / Protection Board

L.B. Foster's Transit Products division has developed coverboard systems that provide maximum protection for personnel and the power rail at economical prices. These systems have been installed across North America. Each one has been specifically designed to meet the transit agency's special criteria and to perform effectively under local climate conditions such as wind, snow and ice. 

The coverboards are made predominately of a strong, lightweight fiberglass composite which provides high levels of electrical insulation and includes low-smoke, flame-resistant materials. They are easily installed on new or existing systems. 

You can see the L.B. Foster Transit Product's coverboard systems in service in many U.S. transit systems- among them Washington's WMATA, Baltimore's MTA, Atlanta's MARTA, SEPTA, New York City Transit, Amtrak, San Francisco's BART, and Los Angeles' MTA. 

Let us show you one of our existing coverboard systems, or design a new one to meet your special needs. Discover the difference L.B. Foster contact rail coverboard systems can make in your transit operation. 

rail with protection board attached by brackets. railroad tracks shown with protection boards.

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