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We Innovate to Solve Global Infrastructure Challenges

Our innovative engineering and product development solutions inspire the safety, reliability, and performance of critical transportation and infrastructure.


The year established with foundations set firmly in infrastructure


Plants and offices located around the globe


Employees in a business with worldwide presence

Innovating Rail and Infrastructure Solutions

We are a dynamic global business, with a strong move-forward strategy. A high growth solutions provider focused on rail and infrastructure solutions.

Our innovative engineering and product development solutions address the safety, reliability, and performance needs of our customer's most challenging requirements. We maintain locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


L.B. Foster Successfully Installs Four PROTECTOR® IV Friction Management Units in Catania, Italy

three men in gold hard hats smiling in front of a stage at the Precast Show.

Congratulations to the CXT® Inc. Graduates of the NPCA Master Precaster Program

Elizabeth line underground sign outside.

L.B. Foster's work on London’s New Elizabeth Line


L.B. Foster Attends 26th Annual Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) Conference

We are L.B. Foster

We enjoy a market-leading reputation for high quality, high performance solutions in rail and infrastructure.

  • Harness the strength of our global network
  • L.B. Foster spans North America, South America, Europe, and Asia
  • Seamless global operations and efficient delivery of our products and services

When you choose to partner with L.B. Foster, you're not just selecting a vendor; you're aligning with a trusted global leader renowned for its commitment to excellence and superior performance.

Man working on rail track at night, wearing protective mask and helmet.

Rail Solutions

Our end-to-end critical engineering solutions fulfil an essential role in maintaining the safe and reliable operation of railroad networks around the world.

CXT Denali Flush Restroom.

Infrastructure Solutions

We are experts in the design, manufacture and deployment of advanced technologies that positively impact the built environment.

Our Purpose

We Innovate to Solve Global Infrastructure Challenges

We always place safety first in everything we do.

Our holistic approach to safety covers all aspects of our operations. Our facilities, equipment and processes are all designed with safety in mind. We rigorously test and evaluate all our solutions and procedures.

We adopt and deploy the latest technological advances to improve safety and prevent accidents by automating processes, reducing human error, and providing real-time monitoring and alerts.

We Enable Safety
tracks with rockfall monitoring systems next to a waterway.

We transform data into innovative solutions to improve how we navigate our world

We transform data, turning insights into solutions. We develop new products and solutions that meet specific customer needs, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

We improve information flow, delivering real-time information. We believe that by transforming data into actionable solutions, we can improve how we navigate our world and create positive impact for our customers, partners, and society as a whole.

We Improve Information Flow
Information totem on Kings Cross station platform next to LNER train.

We embrace innovations that relentlessly drive things forward

We constantly strive to improve the end-to- end experience for our customers. Our insights help them make more informed decisions.

We understand that keeping things moving is essential to delivering a reliable and efficient service for our customers. This means investing in new technologies and infrastructure that help us operate more smoothly and deliver a better customer experience.

We Keep Things Moving
train on track with friction management.

We develop dynamic solutions that respond to critical changes in performance

Our solutions leverage the latest in sensing, monitoring, and analytics technologies to provide real-time insights into performance metrics such as temperature, depth, obstacle detection and vibration and other key indicators.

By constantly monitoring these metrics, we can identify potential issues before they become critical, enabling our customers to take proactive steps to address them and avoid downtime, safety incidents, or other negative outcomes.

We Monitor Conditions

We constantly innovate to create advanced solutions that are designed to do things better.

We constantly strive to improve the end-to- end experience for our customers. Our insights help them make more informed decisions.

We employ the latest advanced technologies and innovative solutions, enabling us to design and deploy structures that are not only highly efficient and durable, but also have a positive impact on the world around us.

We Enhance Environments
Workers on a bridge with cranes.

A Sustainable Future

We invest in new technologies and seek to constantly improve and minimise the impact of our operations and maximise efficiency in the use of resources.

Rockfall monitoring on railway in mountain area.

Navigating Growth Together

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