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Embedded Track Systems

Rail boot system allows for dynamic movement of the rail when embedded in concrete, asphalt or other material to protect the surrounding materials.


Rail boot system allows for dynamic movement of the rail when embedded in concrete, asphalt or other material to protect the surrounding materials. It also provides electrical isolation and noise, and vibration mitigation. Our product is designed to install easier than any other available rail boot system. 

The complete system includes splice cuffs, adhesive, filler, tape, plates, clips and leveling beams. Leveling beams, which are used for mounting and holding the rail in position for track embedment, can be offered in steel or composite material. Configurations are available for a variety of rail sections. 

Customers include Herzog in Sacramento and Phoenix, Stacy Witbeck in Phoenix, SEPTA, Port Authority of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, G.W. Peoples in Norfolk, Virginia and others. 

The L.B. Foster Company Rail Isolation Boot System economically and effectively isolates the surrounding structure from the rail in embed track installations. Dynamic loads from vehicle operations are dampened out to minimize cracking of the surrounding structure, whether concrete or asphalt. The Rail Isolation Boot System also mitigates vibration induced noise. It isolates the electrical current to the rail; thereby, reducing stray current into the adjacent structure or ground. 

The boot is manufactured of high quality material that is used within the design of the boot to effectively provide the isolation. Because of these isolation features, the surrounding environment is effectively protected from excessive: 

  • Cracking of surrounding surfaces, 

  • Corrosion of surrounding utilities and structures, and 

  • Vibration induced noise. 

The L. B. Foster Company Rail Isolation Boot System is relatively easily installed as compared to other methods of isolating embed rail from its surroundings. 

The Rail Isolation Boot Systems can be provided for any size rail. 

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