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A vehicle mounted Top-of-Rail (TOR) spray application system that dispenses an atomised stream of KELTRACK® Friction Modifier (KELTRACK® AP EX) to the railhead.


KELTRACK® On-Board (KOB) is a mobile top-of-rail application system. This advanced technology is installed onboard a freight locomotive (KOB) or passenger vehicle (KOB SL) and applies KELTRACK® friction modifiers to the wheel/rail interface.

KOB provides the opportunity to transition its industry leading trackside top-of-rail (TOR) technology to the vehicle. This enables a system coverage of up-to 100% for a fraction of the CAPEX of traditional static systems. The product goes where the vehicle goes. The system is optimised for use with KELTRACK®, our water-based Friction Modifier. 


  • Field proven to prevent the onset of RCF, reduce lateral forces, noise, corrugation and extend asset life. 

  • Field proven to lower energy and fuel consumption. 

  • Does not compromise traction or braking performance. 

  • Does not compromise track signaling. 

  • Highly accurate control system ensures consumable usage is efficient and operator costs are fully optimised. 

  • Intelligent refilling system (quick connect and auto-stop) to reduce maintenance times.  

Flexible & efficient operation 

The technology contains several features that ensure maintenance costs and interventions are minimised. An intelligent refilling system automatically replenishes product to maximum capacity without any material wastage or requirement for human intervention.  

Application strategies are easily modified/ optimised via a user-friendly Human Media Interface (HMI), allowing operating costs to be maximised. The dispensing system is highly accurate and intelligent across the entire operating range. Ambient temperature and vehicle velocity is continuously monitored on a feedback loop to the central controller which modifies product output accordingly. 

Direct TCMS connectivity 

The system can interface directly with TCMS for signal exchange, one-way or two-way. Operation logic is flexible and tailored to suit application or operator requirements.   

Engineering & design expertise  

Our in-house engineering expertise can take care of every aspect of vehicle integration, from system layout to equipment mounting. We are also an approved EN15085 supplier and offer a complete design service for any bespoke requirements.

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