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Retail and Commercial

Innovative tailored Digital Signage Solutions for Retail, Commercial, Leisure and Digital out of Home (DOOH).

Digital catwalk spires created by Skratch.

Skratch Enterprises Ltd is an L.B. Foster company that offers tailored innovative digital display solutions for retail, commercial, leisure and digital out of home (DOOH).

Skratch provides specialist digital services, and installations of digital signage in a range of markets from retail to bespoke DOOH. We support our clients with a dedicated engineering team and bespoke software solutions such as Skratch CMS (content management system).

Visit the Skratch website to see more examples of the products and services we provide and how we transform digital signage into bespoke innovative installations


We provide innovative digital signage and AV solutions for leading retail brands, enhancing retail spaces and creating immersive customer experiences. Our solutions can help you:    

Elevate your brand visibility and engagement with eye-catching digital signage that grabs attention and keeps customers engaged.   

Revolutionise retail spaces through immersive digital experiences, reinvent your retail environment to create a memorable customer shopping experience.   

Drive loyalty and increase revenue with digital signage that can be used to promote products, services, and special offers.  


We deliver high-quality AV installations for corporate clients, transforming offices and boardrooms into seamless digital environments.   

We can take a meeting room or boardroom and transform it into digital architecture that allows for clients to be successful in their business and impress their clients with AV and the latest digital solutions.

Improve communications with digital display notice boards to distribute important company announcements, health and safety information and performance dashboards.

Redefine your corporate spaces, improve communication and increase collaboration via the installation of transformative AV solutions.   

Transform corporate spaces with AV installations that are both stylish and functional.   


Content Management and Innovation   

Our advanced Content Management System (CMS) empowers clients to design, schedule, and manage digital displays with total control and support for multiple platforms. We also provide comprehensive training to help you maximise your utilisation of the CMS and enhance your team's digital proficiency. Our CMS can help you with the following:    

Complete uncomplicated digital display control with a user-friendly interface that makes creating, scheduling, and managing content accessible.   

Centralised content management on the go by streamlining your content management with a centralised platform that can be accessed anywhere.   

Operate an effortless multi-platform CMS operation with design, scheduling, management, and reporting across multiple platforms.

Interactive advertising display in shopping centre. Advert for Sky Gigafast using minions clinging to a bus stop. curved wall studio screen showing a cafe. Trainers on shelves inside Foot Asylum shop with digital screen.

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