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Wheel Flange Lubrication

L.B. Foster has the most extensive and advanced friction management portfolio including solid wheel flange lubricant application systems specifically designed for the wheel / rail environment.

Our solid stick wheel flange lubricant products are applied directly to the wheel flange of a rail vehicle.

The lubricant material transfers to the wheel flange and in turn to the gauge face of the rail. A ‘thin film’ is left behind on the gauge face of the rail that provides superior lubrication to the wheel/rail interface.  

Benefits of solid wheel flange lubrication: 

  • Extends wheel flange and rail gauge life 

  • Reduces risk of low-speed wheel climb derailments 

  • Consistent lubrication to train fleet and throughout the rail system 

  • Reduces energy consumption 

  • 100% dry system that avoids contamination of the top of rail, track structure, ballast or vehicle equipment 

  • Safer, cleaner and more reliable than oil system alternatives

Passenger Rail Wheel Flange Lubrication

With over 25 years of proven performance in the field, L.B. Foster’s KELSAN® LCF is the best-selling solid stick flange lubrication system in the world today.  KELSAN LCF is a premium solid flange lubricant that provides a low coefficient of friction.  The product is an engineered composite of solid lubricants bound together by a thermosetting resin that provides excellent protection to wheel flanges. Further benefits for KELSAN LCF are: 

  • Thermal stability ensures no product migration to wheel tread or rail head 

  • Patented interlocking feature to ensure continuous application and minimal stick wastage 

  • Non-toxic  

  • Non-flammable and flame resistant   

Along with KELSAN LCF, we also provide a range of wheel flange lubrication solid sticks including: 

  • KELSAN LCF-S2 is a cost-effective wheel flange lubrication solid stick that provides a balance between cost and performance. 

  • KELSAN LCF-AR is the abrasion-resistant wheel flange lubrication solid sticks for harsher environments such as trams. 

Freight Wheel Flange Lubrication

L.B. Foster has a range of solid lubricant sticks that are specifically engineered for the challenging heavy haul environment.    The products are applied directly to the locomotive wheel flanges that provide the following benefits: 

  • Extend locomotive wheel flange life 

  • Decreased fuel consumption 

  • Reduction in flanging noise 

  • Lowered wheel climb derailment potential 

All L.B. Foster’s solid flange lubrication products utilize patented interlock to provide consistent product application with minimal wastage.  L.B. Foster’s products designed specifically for the freight market are: 

  • KELSAN FLCF-HP is a premium solid flange lubricant that provides excellent locomotive flange wear protection 

  • KELSAN FLCF-EC is an economical locomotive wheel flange lubrication solid stick that provides a balance between cost and performance 

Custom System and Hardware Design

Wheel Flange Lubrication solid sticks are applied via a vehicle-mounted spring-loaded applicator and bracket assembly, specifically designed and built for each customer. The bracket and applicator assembly are attached to the bogie frame of the rail vehicle.  The hardware is designed and / or tested to meet each customer’s shock and vibration standards.   

With over 25 years of experience implementing wheel flange lubrication friction management programs, L.B. Foster can work with you to determine the coverage and train configuration for your system and flange wear targets. 

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