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See you at Rail Live!

It feels like we've only just got back from Railtex, but now it's all hands to the pump and we're off to RailLive. It's lauded as 'The only exhibition bringing the entire rail industry together in a real railway environment'. So a great place for our team to meet and greet potential and existing customers and partners.

Our Rail Technologies solutions centre is a world leader in friction management and high-quality track products for the global rail markets. Our innovative Control and Display solutions improve rail operational performance, including level crossing safety, remote performance monitoring, signalling control and travel disruption management information technology.

Come and join us on the 19th and 20th of June 2019 at Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire where we’ll be showcasing the following products:

  • INFORM Wireless Totem - As part of the Inform by L.B. Foster family, the wireless totem* is uniquely placed as an iconic display giving passenger information wherever and whenever they want it. Now availble with touch screen capabilities. Read more…

  • Rockfall and Avalanche Detection - LIDAR technology remotely alerts controllers about the size and location obstructions, without an engineer ever needing to visit site and re-string a wire detector. Read more…

  • Solid Stick Wheel Flange Lubrication - Our range of solid sticks provide superior lubrication to the wheel/rail interface throughout the railway system. Read more here and here

  • Protector PIV - Our configurable fourth generation PROTECTOR® system accurately targets friction modifying material on the appropriate part of the rail. Read more…

  • Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) Our Traction Gel Applicator applies traction enhancing materials directly to the top of running rails at locations where there is potential for low adhesion. Read more…

  • Alleviate - ALLEVIATE® traction enhancing material combats seasonal and all year round adhesion issues, including leaf fall and wet rail syndrome. Read more…

  • Solar gateway CCTV - The Solar Gateway is one of L.B. Fosters unique solutions, created by the need for customers to keep themselves informed where power and data cables can’t be provided. Read more…

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