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L.B. Foster Unveils New Brand Identity with the Launch of a Global Website

  • Feb 14, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of a global website and new brand identity that simplifies our Company's message and portfolio, while highlighting our customer-centric mindset and worldwide presence.

L.B. Foster Logo.

John Kasel, President & Chief Executive Officer, said, “We have made significant changes to provide customers with a streamlined portfolio of our offerings and solutions, including the introduction of our new website, logo, brand purpose, and five areas of influence that symbolize the Company’s momentum and energy.” 

The global website has increased functionality that provides an elevated user experience and introduces the audience to the Company’s repositioned brand that focuses on two sectors: the global railroad and the North American infrastructure markets. Additionally, we clarified our offerings and portfolio by combining our multiple websites previously segmented by location, into a singular global website. 

Kasel continued, “Launching a redesigned website has given us the opportunity to present our clear vision and core purpose on a global scale.” 

The Company’s visual identity was enhanced by adding a ‘centrifuge’ icon to the well-known L.B. Foster logotype. The new red, black, and gray centrifuge symbolizes the Company’s momentum in the rail and infrastructure industries that it serves. 

Kasel commented, “Incorporating the centrifuge icon into our logo communicates our excitement and passion towards keeping things moving. The remodeled logo is a result of the considerable changes and growth our Company has experienced in the 20 years since the L.B. Foster logotype was first established. It is an opportunity for us to present our repositioned brand to the world.” 

In addition to the updated logo, L.B. Foster’s core purpose was announced as, “We innovate to solve global infrastructure challenges,” which captures the Company’s widespread solutions that apply innovative technologies to transform safety, reliability, and efficiency.  

Kasel said, “We are proud of our 120-year history of enabling safety, improving information flow, keeping things moving, monitoring conditions, and enhancing environments, which now serve as our five areas of influence and how we continue to add value to our customer relationships.” 

The Company introduced their new logo, brand identity, core purpose, and five areas of influence, with the launch of their new corporate website, which can be viewed at Read the press release on our Investors Relations website.

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