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Low power, solar gateway camera

Our unique solar-powered video surveillance camera delivers HD quality evidential footage by monitoring various conditions and sending alerts and images via 3G communications for security or environmental events day and night.


The system is a true breakthrough in low-power technology, based upon the successful Railway (PADS 087/004450, 087/004451) metal theft tag and gateway transponder product, optimised for the UK climate and tested by British Transport Police in Scotland. A small 30W (only 536x477mm) is the power source. A complete ground-up design, from the advanced solar MPPT controller that removes the double banks of batteries from the circuit when there is sufficient solar energy (extends life) – to the always online ultra-low power mobile communications radio, and the 24/7 monitoring of the secure radio channels for signals from the sensing ‘Tags’. The remote sensors are battery operated, typically 1-year life (extendible by design) and supervised.

  • CCTV camera with solar panel.
    • CCTV camera with solar panel.

    Always online

    Always online means fast outgoing alarms (see over) and the ability to remotely log in and view live at any time. Fast (5-7FPS) live video with approximately 1-second latency – for fluid movement viewing. There is also an efficient synchronised Infra-Red illuminator built-in at only 0.1W loading.

    • Allows for rapid alarms (3-5 seconds)

    • Anytime live viewing* at 5-7 frames per second

    • Continuous buffer recording allows for precise pre and post-alarm images

    *Subject to mobile operator service

    Contract won from Network Rail based upon commercials;

    • More economic to supply and install

    • No power required: UK Solar 30W panel with 7-day battery in the camera case

    • No cables: Infra Red beams are secure wireless, with 3-year life batteries

    • System secure at height, fully weatherproofed, operating Temperature -20C to +70C

    • Rapid and flexible installation, pole mount, wall mount, corner mount

    • Communication via 3G/GPRS and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Monitors up to 20 sensor ‘Tags’ within 500m radio distance, includes:

    • Contact (Beams / PIR’s enabling)

    • Cable Theft Motion Analytics

    • Tilt Tags

    • Landslip Monitoring Accelerometers

    • Flood Monitoring

    • Vibration Analytics

    • Custom Tags - Call us to inquire.


    The system sends images pre/alarm/post via a secure virtual private network (VPN) as SMTP (Email) with time-stamped VGA images – within a few (3-5) seconds over 3G mobile communications. Live viewing via a secure connection as an RTSP stream at fast CIF 5-7 frames per second (FPS) to watch live motion thereafter. Currently integrated into Sentinel and alarm receiving centres, (Immix to follow) for a full 24/7 monitored solution


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