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Improving station information and surveillance at Liverpool St

Nestled in one of the City’s leading financial centres, surrounded by a continually evolving dense urban landscape, the design for Liverpool Street station makes the most of what little space is available to build a massive piece of infrastructure.

Stretching from Moorgate in the west to Broadgate in the east, the Elizabeth line ticket halls are connected by two mined platforms. Fully accessible ticket halls provide direct interchange with the Northern, Central, Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines, as well as National Rail services to Stansted and Southend airports.

L.B. Foster Telecoms fulfilled an essential role as a main supplier to Laing O’Rourke, carrying out Station Information & Surveillance Systems (SISS) and Building Management System works at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station. robust design solutions. L.B. Foster have routinely picked up on scope gap, and been asked to deliver these added works in addition to our contracted works:

  • people walking inside Liverpool St railway station.
    • people walking inside Liverpool St railway station.


    Laing O’Rourke is a privately owned, internationally focussed engineering enterprise with world-class capabilities spanning the entire client value chain. L.B. Foster Telecoms, on behalf of principal contractor Laing O’Rourke, was selected to install the Station Information & Surveillance System (SISS) and BMS at the new Crossrail Liverpool Street station.


    • Public Address Voice Alarm (PAVA)

    • CCTV

    • Telephony/PHP

    • Customer Information Systems (CIS)

    • Telephony

    • SCADA

    • Driver Only Operated (DOO)

    • Optical Fibre Network (OFN) Radio:

    • Trackside

    • London Underground Limited

    • Mobile phone

    The complexity of the works at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station should not be underestimated. The team from L.B. Foster Telecoms used its considerable experience and expertise of working on similarly challenging installations to deliver the station’s new SISS and BMS, tacking every part of the project with total professionalism and massive enthusiasm

    Our Solution

    A comprehensive design review was undertaken, checking the project documentation for accuracy, constructability, and completeness. During the design review and throughout the project, we actively sought opportunities to value engineer elements of the project and to highlight and raise these through the appropriate channels. Our project management team engaged with Laing O’Rourke to ensure that the correct processes were implemented throughout the project. We managed the project efficiently through the whole project life cycle, from mobilising the project management team, through construction, to the testing phases to handover to the client. Efficient project delivery relies on maintaining the systems in place to manage the project delivery process. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and projects are managed in compliance with the established QMS. The QMS is additionally implemented on projects in accordance with the specific requirements of the client QMS, together with the requirements of industry standards such as LU’s QUENSH.

    We deployed a dedicated team of appropriately qualified and experienced personnel who have overseen the development of the project at all stages. We installed SISS and BMS works including CMS, cabling, asset installation, test and commissioning of the SISS and BMS, in close collaboration with the main contractor, designers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders to ensure the efficient delivery of all aspects of the project. Our team adhered closely to project Health & Safety rules and standards at all the time. Project Assurance Plan, Project Quality Plan, Work Package Plans, Installation and Test Plans for each phase, Testing Specifications and Plans, procurement plans were produced and checked on a regular basis.

    Our team ensured all mandatory documentation was in place required for permission to commence the construction. All Inspection & Test Plans for all the systems were developed and agreed/approved with Client before commencing the construction. All installation check sheets, test sheets procedures, hold points, witness points, Inspection points were agreed with Clients (LOR) under and as a part of ITPs.

    All off-site installation and test procedures are agreed with Clients at least two weeks prior to the inspection invitation. Clients are invited to all applicable factory acceptance tests. On successful completion of FATs, the system/assets/equipment have been shipped on site with the Client’s consent. FAT reports/ITP deliverables are produced and handed over to the Clients as part of project deliverables. During the construction phase, all approved design drawings, specifications, schedules, schematics were provided to the construction team and regularly updated as and when received by the Principal Designer/Designer. Any changes during the construction /testing/commissioning phases are captured on red line drawings and/or on non-conformance reports (NCR) or on any project agreed format. We carry out Internal inspections and all snags/defects are captured on the internal snagging register.

    Our project team progressively updated the project assurance documentation i.e. red line drawings, ITP deliverables etc as soon as install/testing/commissioning activities were done on-site and ensuring to keep them ready all the time for Client’s review when asked.

    Testing is implemented through the project Testing Specifications and Plans and the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) documents. L.B. Foster ensured progressive assurance is set for the construction/red line drawings. Any construction changes during installation/testing/commissioning phases were notified to the client and captured on the red line drawings progressively. NCRs were raised where applicable and necessary.

    Each of the Telecoms systems required separate project assurance controls, processes and documentation to ensure that each system was appropriately managed through to completion.

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