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Fingerprint data and asset management pilot for Arriva

A bespoke software platform designed for a base level root cause analysis for Engineers and Managers.


Big Data is everywhere. And so is data management. The fundamental reason behind the process of managing data is to develop ways of collecting information, real-time collation and sorting, then innovative ways to allow users to see the information and mine it enabling the visibility of trends, cost savings, and benefits.

This is the driver behind Fingerprint. A bespoke software platform designed for a base level root cause analysis for Engineers and Managers, but also as a portal for onward operational and personnel data management to help businesses grow and develop.

  • man using tablet next to a bus.
    • man using tablet next to a bus.


    Arriva (part of Deutsche Bahn had a requirement to invest in a system which would be designed to help individual depots streamline certain activities. Arriva depots operate a mostly paper-based recording system for tasks and activities surrounding the day to day running of vehicles and the workshop. Paperwork generated is often manually duplicated and subsequently entered into a database system for centralised recording.

    L.B. Foster Netpractise agreed to fund and deliver a pilot scheme which was designed as a proof of concept and enables Arriva to see the benefits of the data management system and what benefits.

    Pilot Scope

    Supply of hardware to 2 depots

    • 2x Touch enabled displays

    • 2x PCs

    • 2x Floor mounted stands

    • 22x Tablets

    • With lockable cabinet or other

    • PC secure device

    Supply of pilot system to 2 depots

    • Tottenham – London

    • Speke – Liverpool

    Development and Supply of Touch Screen enabled application for:

    • Recall and display of limited vehicle details for depot as provided by Oracle

    • Entry of interventions on the vehicle (replication of ‘Touch Book’) via touchscreen system

    • Recall and display interventions on vehicle via touch interface

    • Dashboard display of recent interventions and top statistics for depot

    Supply of Professional Services to support pilot

    • Physical installation of Touch Screen Hardware into depot

    • Training of Arriva staff – train the trainer

    • Remote support services

    • Enhancements to system based on user feedback

    Development and Supply of workstation accessible web portal for:

    • Recall and display of vehicle details from Oracle

    • Ingestion of data from relay data feed for automated creation of incidents (London based only)

    • Manual entry of initial incidents (as a replacement of the paper based form)

    • Recall and review of incidents

    • Entry of root cause information

    • Reporting of root cause data into printable/exportable format

    • Reporting of breakdown/intervention data into printable/exportable content

    Solution benefits

    • Vehicle downtime will reduce.

    • Engineering fault diagnosis will be quicker.

    • Part usage will be lower.

    • Increased patronage as a result of improved service reliability.

    • Reduced TfL engineering penalties in London.

    • Increased skill levels by identifying training needs and individual development.

    • A reduction in labour hours spent on reactive maintenance.

    • Personal safety alarm for lone working.

    • Fewer breakdowns and changeovers.

    • Happier workforce and customers.

    • Better attraction and retention of staff if we use modern technology.

    • A reduction in spare vehicle requirement as vehicle availability improves.

    • Analysis of parts quality and supplier performance.

    • Knowledge capture and sharing throughout the engineering function.


    As we establish the pilot, we are seeing a daily demand for new ways to use the data being inputted into the system. The system is designed to become a portal for other areas of the business to use. The hardware being rolled out across sites is available for employee interaction in other areas as well as engineering. Any information requested can be expanded and used, in real time, across the business. There is the opportunity to vastly reduce the amount of time spent on low and non-value added activity, which is inherent in manual and paper based recording systems. This information can be identified as the “touchpoints” of the business; Employees and Assets. By design, Fingerprint can link to other data sets or independent software platforms to become a cohesive hub of knowledge and intelligence.


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