Aluminum Decking


We offer advanced design aluminum bridge decking technologies that provide lightweight drop-in deck solutions with a quiet ride and infinite fatigue life.

Superior Long Life and More Strength than FRP Decking

Through our partnership with AlumaBridge, we provide the latest advancements in Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for strength and precision in superior fabrication. AlumaBridge engineers, custom designs and manufactures time-proven aluminum isotropic as well as orthotropic deck construction. The company's innovation and experience are linked to highly successful installations in both the United States and Europe. Our technology continues to deliver service and performance on bridge decking worldwide.

AlumaBridge designs are highway load tested and designed for infinite fatigue life using AASHTO Specifications. They are bridge code compliant in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Accelerated construction saves significant time and money in both A+B and A+B+C bid evaluations. Our aluminum decking technologies are perfect for many bridge rehabilitation projects because of reduced agency and community costs. There are immediate user benefits for local schools, police departments, fire protection, businesses and commerce.

  • Reduced lifecycle costs from initial installation throughout the life of the bridge:

    • Limited traffic interruption, reduced car and truck user costs, and lower traffic control costs 

    • Lower maintenance costs from a skid resistant epoxy and aggregate bonded wearing surface compared to concrete deck repairs or replacement 

    • Never needs painting even in the presence of deicing salts (100+ year bridge life without paint), is recyclable (and potentially reusable)

  • Lightweight (23 pounds per square foot) decreases dead load. The construction mirrors the strength of monolithic concrete. Aluminum deck is up to 75% lighter than steel with concrete, allowing for widening of functionally obsolete bridges using the existing substructure. Many bridges not currently rated to carry trucks, buses and some emergency vehicles can be opened to such traffic.

  • “Deployment Ready” technology can be preassembled for rapid bridge deck or whole bridge replacement.

  • Facilitates rehabilitation versus replacement.

  • Aluminum is the environmentally friendly “green” metal. Our aluminum decking contains significant recycled content and is easily and profitably recycled - 75 percent of all aluminum extrusions produced since 1888 is still in use!

  • Designed around infinite fatigue life using AASHTO Specifications.

Florida DOT Testing

The Florida DOT has successfully completed testing of AlumaBridge Aluminum Decking. The evaluation included detailed inspection, structural testing, heavy vehicle simulation, and wearing surface tests. 

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